Campus Impact

Huddle Touch impacts the lives of student athletes and their coaches by bringing a meal and providing a motivational message during their pre-game period.

We use this time to share and show the love of Jesus Christ to young people throughout the Greater Hillsborough County and beyond in a simplistic and practical way.

Our Objectives

  • Have a life coach on every school campus in Hillsborough County
  • Help young people to navigate successfully through this maze called life
  • Influence and impact young people’s lives in a positive way academically, socially, relationally, and spiritually, so they are more healthy and well adjusted.
  • Speak to the challenges that young people are facing and dealing with today.
  • Along with sharing our faith, we provide a nutritious game meal to prepare the team for competition.
  • As motivators, we create an atmosphere of excitement that is conducive for the moment while we serve the team

Fingerprint Mindset 

When I think of the impact of a fingerprint mindset, I think of Lee Roy Selmon, who left his imprint on a city. He was an athlete, who wasn’t just a winner, but one whose character was respected by many. An athlete, who understood that with gifts and talents come responsibilities. He understood that success in life is about having the right priorities and sound moral character. There are many that make it to the top, but fall like a rock.

Huddle Touch engrains the quote, “Don’t let your talents take you where your character can’t keep you” to all the student athletes and coaches they come in contact with. What makes a  fingerprint so powerful is the belief in the One with the nail-print in His hands, the Lord Jesus Christ. What he did for Lee Roy Selmon, He will do for you! if you place your hand in His hand.