Freedom High School Tampa Bay – by Coach Ken Angel

I was introduced to Pastor Zelvis Applin about a year ago, after a good friend of mine, Coach Chris Ward, told me about Huddle Touch and its mission to provide meals and motivational speeches to student athletes.

He said that the messages being told by Zelvis Applin were about “life” and how to live it. Hearing stories after stories of the positive impact that these messages were having on Ward’s athletes, inspired me to contact Zelvis himself and have him speak to my team at Freedom High School of Tampa Bay.

From the first message to the last my guys were captivated by Pastor Zelvis. His messages were all received and still talked about among them.

Then his assistant, Sarah Noto, told her story. For a young adult woman to stand before a room full on teenage boys and give her testimony, like she did, was nothing short of amazing!

I believed I had a special group of young men before Huddle Touch, but now I know I do! I am very grateful for Pastor Zelvis and his assistant, Sarah, for sharing their hearts and life skills with my guys.